About Us

The Orleans Coyotes Baseball Club is a not for profit organization that offers training, coaching and guidance to young athletes in the Ottawa Region. Skills, sportsmanship and fitness are taught through the sport of baseball and baseball related activities. The focus of the organization is to provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for young athletes of all abilities.

The programs are delivered with 3 core values:
  1. Fun: Athletes will be exposed to all facets of baseball with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship.
  2. Quality: Each session will be planned and executed based on the guidelines provided by Baseball Canada by Certified Coaches under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).
  3. Participation: Each athlete will have the chance to hit, field and throw multiple times throughout the entire session.
*Insurance is provided by Baseball Ontario for all Orleans Coyotes Baseball Club athletes and coaches.

Board of Directors
The Club is run by a dedicated Board of Directors who have a passion for the sport of baseball and strong connections with the local community.

President - Adam Morissette
Treasurer - Katie Morissette
Executive Director - Eric Robichaud

Contact: orleanscoyotes@gmail.com
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @orleanscoyotes